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Find your fully remote job with Remote Rebellion

So many people long to find a fully remote job, but waste time and effort, (and sometimes the will to live) going about it the wrong way.

In the past, when your job search was filtered by geography, you simply had to be the best fit for the role within a reasonable travel radius. But when a role can be performed from anywhere, that means a whole WORLD of choice for the hirer. So ironically, if a job really is fully remote (not a cunningly disguised hybrid or geo-fenced gig), then you’re up against so much more.

You cannot win if you approach it as a numbers game. You need to be far more strategic than that, and create an action plan to prepare, and win, the location-independent real remote job of your dreams.

Our collaborator Michelle Coulson has helped hundreds of people achieve just that, and you can take advantage of her amazing offer in the video if you are quick.

You can get a cool 10% off all Michelle’s courses and classes (including a great value self-taught option:)

Just use the code RWSPAIN for 10% discount (and tell Michelle we sent you 🇪🇸)

Stop wasting time, shooting from the hip. Spray and pray won’t cut it in the online job hunt space. You need to be completely focused, and follow Michelle’s 6-step programme, to nail that fully remote job of your dreams.

And don’t forget, you’ll need to optimise your online profiles to match, so make sure you grab our very own LinkedIn Guide too!

Get the Remote Work Europe LinkedIn guide

You’ll soon be well on your way to remote work success, with a fully remote job or freelance gig that supports your professional AND personal dreams.

Maya Middlemiss

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