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Your annual income tax return in Spain: All you need to know

If you live or conduct business/own property in Spain, you must file an annual income tax return here, regardless of whether you are officially a tax resident. You need to include your worldwide income, including any income that has already been taxed elsewhere (e.g., income from overseas property), in your filing here, although it may be covered by double taxation.

The Spanish tax year corresponds to the calendar year, and you should file and pay your Spanish tax returns between 11 April and 30 June following the end of the tax year. This might be different to other countries where you are accustomed to filing.

If you have been making quarterly IRFP returns, such as through the autónomo scheme, you will have already paid some tax, and if you have a contract indefinido, it will have been withheld at source. Your annual return will determine whether you need to pay more or if you are entitled to a rebate.

Our friends at Entre Trámites are offering Remote Work Spain readers a special deal. They will manage the entire process for you, for a fixed fee. The packages they offer will depend on the complexity of your circumstances:

For me, this call was a good reminder of all the salient dates and requirements. But I learned some new things too, as I always do.

There were far more little allowances and credits than I had known about, and (because this is Spain!) these vary greatly depending on where you live. Making sure you offset every possible expense and tax break when you do your income tax return in Spain matters! So it is important to know about all of these options.

Taxes in Spain are very much the territory of the different autonomous communities, and their individual flavours of government policy. In the webinar we cover the annual tax return essentials of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Andalucia. We know this covers a lot of the Remote Work Spain community, but don’t worry. Your individual tax consultation will take account of the precise rules where you actually live.

Thanks to Entre Trámites for supporting the Remote Work Spain community.

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