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Becoming a Virtual Assistant: Your Remote Business

At Remote Work Europe we love helping people successfully apply for the remote job of their dreams. But have you ever considered a more flexible option, such as becoming a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are usually self-employed entrepreneurs. They get to pick and choose the clients they work with and help with their unique range of skills. Some specialise in particular industries, others might pursue gigs related to their business experience. Still others niche around the values and goals of their clients.

Hannah Dixon has trained over 30,000 Virtual Assistants worldwide, and she joined us online to talk about her upcoming 5 day ‘become a VA challenge’. You can join for free here (the next one starts on October 23rd 2023, so hurry up! Otherwise you can join the waitlist for further intakes):

In the meanwhile you can check out this wonderful webinar, where Hannah shared so much of her learning and experience. This is what she gained through building her own online business, as well as helping many other people.

What does the “become a virtual assistant” webinar cover?

We talked about so many things, including:

  • Where do VAs find clients?
  • How to present your offer stack and specialisations?
  • What kind of background do you need to become a virtual assistant?
  • What kind of soft skills do great VA’s bring to the table?
  • The range of different services VAs can provide for different people

So do check out Hannah’s wisdom, and if you want what she has in career and lifestyle terms, then why not become a virtual assistant yourself?

You don’t need anyone’s permission, or any specific qualifications. You can go it alone, or you can get peer support and instruction in Hannah’s community. You can call yourself a virtual assistant, or you can call yourself something else. Something specific to your particular offering, as you niche down into the perfect fit for both you and your ideal client.

Here’s to your remote VA success!

Maya Middlemiss

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