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Self Employment in Spain

Self-employment in Spain has long been an attractive choice for people wanting flexible work. Employment in Spain is traditionally old-fashioned and highly regulated, and lots of people prefer to operate independently, either locally or online.

Historically, small family businesses are the norm in many areas. Today, more people freelance either locally or digitally.

For remote work in Spain generally, self-employment – being autonomo – is an essential subject.

Articles about self-employment in Spain:

One controversial aspect of self-employment in Spain is the famous autonomo payment system. This received a radical overhaul in January 2023, and we hosted a webinar to dig through all the changes you need to be aware of:

However we also found that a lot of people were unclear about how the autonomo system worked or what it paid for. Understanding this is is essential for anyone who wants to be self-employed in Spain:

Self-employment in Spain continues to be an important part of the economy, for Spanish people and immigrants alike. And it’s always been there.

So it’s good to understand a little bit of the broader context as well, if you want to be a freelancer in Spain or set up a small business:

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